Browse free on ur PC with ur blackberry BIS suscription

If you’re a Nigerian, here are the internet data
settings and subscription plans for the major GSM
companies in the country: Airtel-Zain Internet Plans,
Glo Internet Plans, Etisalat Internet Plans and MTN
Internet Plans.
1. After receiving the subscription confirmation,
connect your sim to your system using what ever
means either using ur moderm or nokia pc suite
2. Create a new connection profile using the following
details: USERNAME: web
3. Connect the network
4. Download the latest freegate from http:// fg726p.exe
or download Ultrasurrf by Bellow Link http:// Unzip it after
Downloading it.
5. launch it (it will connect automatically)
6. Configure your browser manually with bellow
HTTP Proxy: | Port: 8580.
That’s all You need to do to go gaga on Your PC with Black Berry Subscription.


145 thoughts on “Browse free on ur PC with ur blackberry BIS suscription

  1. Adam says:

    You too follow die! I no fit thank you enough! Infact i don bookmark your site, make me know how i one miss this kind important update again.

    Shai! See as i for throway 2k for naijaloaded or 3k for person to do am for me!!! *happy*


    • mezzy says:

      For BIS Monthly (text bismonth to 440), Weekly (text bisweek to 440), daily (text bisday to 440), disable auto renewal (text stopautorenew to 440)


  2. RazerX says:

    I’m also South african using vodacom if you can please send me the settings in e-mail please will be very much apperciated ,, thank you in advance


  3. matt says:

    you kow you can do this with your backberry dexto manager right?
    1) oen blackberry destop manager
    2) go to tools
    3) mobileinternet settings, create profile depending on your carrier eg. mtn, apn, username:web password:web
    4) connect away, just remember to have a valid bis supscription bbc #1500 works fine for me unlimited as well 😉


  4. All you have to do is open the MTN interface click on tools, under tools click options you will see these list GENERAL
    Click on profile management the settings will pop up,when the settings pop u will see
    Click on the new and set the profile name as blackberry move down to the APN: set it as and the last which is the user name and the password. User name:web Password:web . Then go to save and save ur settings.


  5. Ghadafi says:

    I have tried it, i am using windows 7 professional, the steps you have explained will show that it is coonected, but when you google, the vodacom msg will appear”insufficient funds” where as on Blackberry softwares shows that it is connected,


  6. katy perry says:

    Hi I’m katy perry my friend lives in south africa and he realy wants to connect to internet trough bis I think he’s vodacom find the settings plees. Goodbye xxx


  7. Hey ThaRev…

    I am also in South Africa. I couldn’t find a contact link here so I am just commenting.

    I am selling my blog with all content and a page rank of 3.
    It is for blackberry and smartphones.
    It also has unlimited file hosting, ad integration, stats and more…

    And yeah if you ever get the SA way to browse free we’re all listening.


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  9. mpho masindi says:

    Man I Lyk wat yu posted bt My problem is that iam in south Africa and I use vodacom pllllllsssss man help me out… me pls tns alot


  10. melrose says:

    hey everybody this looks like a waste of time especialy for us south africans i mean i cnt cee any solution for BIS for internet on pcs that guy might have played our minds


    • Marco says:

      hi guys I work for blackberry – it use to work when the apn was changed – but Voda, mtn, cell c, virgin mobile , & 8ta have all patch up the crack that was launched early 2011… sorry.


    • Sitdown and relax ruban I knw someone here is gonna help us out !! Bt try your freedom software !! Go to google chrome write ( your freedom ) it a software to help u brows free here in south africa bt it freekin slow !! It open 1 youtube page for like 3hours


      • We need info on your ip addresses of each cellular network and some other data that might help buh another easy way to know is by putting your blackberry subscribed sim into a modem or android to see it it connects(this is cause most operators attach a data bundle to the blackberry subscription,either 1gb,3gb or unlimited) pls try that and give us feedbacks!-tha Rev
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN


  11. Priest says:

    Hey guys, mostly the South Africans. There is not a way to tether your phone as a modem here yet, without paying atleast. I’m sure if you have the time and energy to play around with settings and continually backing up your phone you might get lucky, but with the fair usage policies that our service providers have such a thing will not happen as each user is monitored on data usage. Just get a modem. Data bundle and enjoy the cheap data bundles or do what we do. Learn how to hack and use your neigbours WI-FI. When it comes to really enjoying free internet there is no quick fix it takes time to build up the knowledge not to get caught.


  12. Bro help me out on this am in south africa I need to browse using bis on my pc!!!

    I tryed to install desktop manager but I struggle to configure I really can’t set all this setup….please help me!!!


  13. Themba says:

    Need help! I downloaded jst abt evry app dat promised da free acess to the net but none of ’em worked! Am using telkom mobile(8ta) now! And still no luck but atleast its faster tha my previous providers.

    Lent a helping hand here in south africa my brother


  14. Gift Nyiko says:

    Am from South Africa and using my BlackBerry 8520,I have tried so many times to connect my Desktop Manager using BIS!but there was no luck!!pls I need help in this,pls Email me the instructions and settings of to do it pls!!!


  15. hey gift our SP are very strict here in SA but cellc seems to be the one that lacks security when it comes to internet acces. we can find the solution if we can crack the settings that let mxit to work free on cellc.


    • u people are very lazy; all of you who are still begging for free internet access settings some of you are here to feed on other peoples hard work some of you dnt even know that the port 443 has a minimum limit of 3MB if you add this port on…… (note im just giving thous people a piece of fryed chicken) i use cgi tricks on cellc i get 220bk/s on 3g and 95kb on edge and i dicided to keep my findings secret TELL ME IF IM WRONG


  16. Ameer says:

    Hi bro, I’m in south africa using vodacom. Can u hook me up with a way 2 access internet on my pc using my blackberry 9320 as a modem by only using bis?


  17. Claude says:

    Hi there!!
    I am from South Africa and I’d love to use my BIS on my PC..
    If you don’t mind could you please help me out?
    I am using TelkomMobile(AKA 8ta)

    But please can you send me a list of carriers which are working? 🙂
    Great work with all the other networks!
    Would be great if you have ideas for 8ta.. Thanx


  18. NSA_SA says:

    I wanted to give it a try it works perfect…but i’m now using wifi,it works on androids and Pc/Mac works great.thnks for tis one.#PeaceSouthAfrica

    “If it didnt succeed the wy you wanted it the way your momma told”


  19. WHITE GUY says:

    Please i need help: I always wear clothes the way black guys do.I talk like them.I walk like them.i also know how to speak Suthu(A South African Language).Sometimes i feel black i even date Black chick.Is there any way you can help?


  20. Another White guy says:

    No help me:I feel hopeless.When i am broke i feel ashamed.I even sleep at Black people’s gate to give me food i don’t know why i have a small dick.I cant cope please i’m broke.


  21. Black Guy says:

    Hey white guy.Why do i Stink.I Should be featured in a song Nkandla style the power shower.I don’t know these words “it’s my baby”.I always damage things when i protest.


  22. Tharev Cheneze idu says:

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  23. mohammad says:

    Bro m in zambia I m really very happy to see friends comment on ur trick.can u plz help me out I hv hp pavilion g7 series notebook and blackberry 9810 smartphone. I do subscribe for monthly plan.and I want to use in in my pc plz help. U can email me on


  24. Shol says:

    Bull…why hacking others paying…poeple learn to do right…these people are running business n yol pulling them back…nonses…
    frauders…Good lucky if u hav yo own bussiness and others are pulling down, robbing u..


  25. Annoyed Arnold says:

    hey man i want to use my mtn bis plan on my pc using a modem, how can i do it, i am in uganda and i use an mtn uganda simcard


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